it's his day today!



Greeting cards and gifts were already sent now I'm trying to reach his number to personally wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today...

that I care for him so much...

that I wish I'm near to celebrate with him...

that I wish his dreams and wishes will all come true...

that i wish we will rest our ourselves in each other's arm someday...

that i wish...

oh those never ending wishes... one day all these will all come true and we shall be in our happiest.

But for now just enjoy your day and let all the pleasant vibes in.

Tomorrow, we shall both start counting the days again.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetheart!

4 Response to "it's his day today!"

  1. Rocks says:

    happy birthday to your sweetheart Nancy! Praying your hearts desire to be with each other will be granted soon!!

    admin says:

    wow, thanks! nice to see you here, Rocks!

    Lynn says:

    gihulmigas sa katam-is diri. hehe.

    happy birthday to JK! all the best and stay happy! (",)

    JK says:

    Thank you all for the wishes and thoughts... Thank you Baby doll for your woonderful post...

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