why is employee drug testing important?



Before anyone can take it as a plain invasion of one's privacy but unfortunately cases of drug addiction these days is still escalating instead of decreasing despite the constant campaign conducted by health agencies wordwide. With that more and more service companies are now critically requiring job applicants to undergo drug testing prior to hiring. This procedure ensures that such costs are accounted including the health and well-being of a possible employee and his capacity to effectively perform assigned duties at work.

Along with this still unsolved social problem is the speedy emergence of the different drug testing companies both on site and online.

With all the acquired essential tools and skills, CLmedical conduct fast, reliable employee drug testing in the uk. They provide a comprehensive range of on-site collection services to meet all of your employee's drug and alcohol testing needs.

CLmedical laboratory is LINK-UP and UKAS accredited and they follow strict Chain of Custody procedures. This is to ensure accuracy in every test they perform and virtually eliminates the possibility of test tampering or contamination of results.

To find out more about drug testing package and other services visit CLmedical by clicking any of the given links around this article.

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