noynoy's inauguration (my two cents worth)



I just watched the inaugural ceremonies for the new Vice President, Jejomar Binay and President of the Republic of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III via live feed on TV. Like any other historic events that were being covered live by leading TV networks of the country I tried not to miss any single part of it.

Bur earlier before it started I've hang around Yahoo Philippine's page to read people's views and opinions regarding today's event which was conducted by Purple Thumb. The opinions expressed were centered at the President elect himself, what they believe he can do for his administration and of course it wouldn't be as much as interesting exchange of views without the opposing opinions from the detractors or let me simply call them the anti-Aquino team.

I tried to write down my two cents and responded to some commentators but seems like the page was having a hard time accommodating the flooding comments. Although some went through but most of what I wrote remained unpublished. Well anyway, all I wanted to share wass to give the new President a chance to prove his worth. In response to those who wrote felt pessimistic about him I believe it's immature to judge the man before he could even start performing his duty as the country's newest highest leader. The first day of his office is yet to take place this day so it will be just fair if we let him prove himself first.

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