he knew exactly what i need



Great Tuesday everyone! Finally I had a long straight sleep for the first time after that unnerving event that I've witnessed myself last Friday.

I was searching for Norelco Electric Razor and browsed few more pages including twitter and facebook when my Internet connection was cut. That was around 7 pm... too early from the usual I know but instead of waiting I just send myself straight to bed to catch up for the much needed sleep in which I hadn't for two straight nights.

For two nights of trying to surmount my fear by sleeping alone in my room I've never really made it until I decided last night to sleep at moms with my sister and nieces. I was humming a lullaby for my 1 year old niece until we both fell asleep. At around 5 this morning I woke up feeling well-rested while praising the big guy upstairs for that uninterrupted peaceful sleep. He knew exactly what I need.

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