on the spot



My mind was busy trying to recall what flavor of ice cream mama asked me to buy from the store when I heard one loud shaky voice calling my name from the outside. That woke me up. It was my sister, Thea. Still feeling groggy I rose from bed, opened the door and got surprised to see the street fronting my door and just right outside my mom's fence thickly covered with people and vehicles. On the ground lies a lifeless body of a young boy said to have been shot twice right on his head by an unidentified shooter who immediately fled away from the scene after executing his plan.

Around 7 in the morning the said teenager walked his way to attend his classes in a public school situated in less than a hundred meters away from our house but never made it because he has been followed by the gunman over a crime he allegedly committed recently in the town where he lives. Teachers and students from the school rushed to the crime scene but none of them was able to identify the name of the victim although they confirmed to the investigating police that the he was a new comer of the said school. As of this time, the suspect is still at large while the investigation is still going on.

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