my eon cyber account is expiring soon



My Union Bank's EON Cyber Account is expiring this year. Two weeks ago I emailed the bank to seek advice on what to do but failed to get answers from them.

Initially, I was thinking of opening a new account since I am not sure whether the old one is still renewable or not but to my surprise I've found out that online application for such type of account is no longer permitted... for whatever reasons, that I don't know.

One friend recommended me to try for a credit card in which I quickly responded "NO". To imagine the disadvantages of credit cards alone are already reason enough to make me sick. I'm maybe a wise spender but spending without cash is a different story, hahaha! I'm afraid I may not be able to manage it well and to get into the pit of financial trouble is definitely not what I need. So to me a debit card is still the best option.

I have few months left though to settle my issue and who knows, the bank may also decide along the way to reactivate their online application service. If not, then I don't think spending a day to the city would hurt.

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  1. Lynn says:

    hala! i forgot when ang expiration sa ako, sis. thank u for reminding me. LOL. but i'm not using it anyway. i only use it once for paypal.

    anyway,kindly update my url sis, from to

    thanks! mwah!

    admin says:

    sure sis! right away...

    Just go to any Unionbank branch. Bring your old EON card and apply for renewal. Then pay 150 pesos and wait a few weeks for you to get the new one. :)

    Great news for all our Visa Debit cardholders! Use your EON/ E-Wallet card at eBay and get a 5% rebate on all your purchases from July 23 to August 22, 2010.

    You’ll also get a free 2GO Cargo Coupon when you link your card to PayPal.

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