it's a dozen... and a half more!



Although I got this pretty bunch of roses about five days ago, I still do refuse to consider this a delayed post as I am featuring it as my best memory to keep for the week... or make it a month from my number one fan ever. Thanks, sweetheart!

It is always a delight to receive gifts for no reasons other than to simply surprise and cheer you up.

I've already made a dozen of dried roses out from the first delivery I've got from last year. Shortly, I'll be adding up a dozen and half more to it. I'm not sure what but I certainly have something special to do with those dried flowers one of these days.

There's really nothing more impossible when it comes to gift giving nowadays. Even to order flowers and send them fresh from faraway farmlands straight to your loved one's home are now made possible. And we owe it all to the one ever growing thing called - technology.

Click image to view full size.

3 Response to "it's a dozen... and a half more!"

  1. JK says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    Oh wow, how sweet naman!

    I just followed your blog dearest, hope you can come by my page sometimes and be my friend..

    Got here from Ate Cecille's page..

    admin says:

    Sure. will head on to your site in a bit. Thanks for following :)

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