they made it!



Hello, I'm sharing here my nieces Jam and MJ's first commencement pictures. Last Monday, 22nd, they've officially finished Kindergarden (Level 1) and both received specials awards, making their Mommies and especially their Nanay (as they call their grandma) proud. Their best given smiles tells how much they savored their moments.

Hmm, just imagine how proud I was while taking all these pictures too :-D

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7 Response to "they made it!"

  1. Badet says:

    Congrats to your nieces!

    admin says:


    PinayWAHM says:


    Naku naalala ko tuloy nung bata ako. I was always excited pag end of the school year na.

    Howdy Mommy Nancy? It's good to see you back after that stint in the hospital [of your niece].

    Hope your week is going great!

    Mommy J

    Juliet says:

    Hi nancy! congrats to your nieces. ug salamat sa pag duaw sa akong payag. regards :-)

    Golden says:

    Congratulations to those little kiddies!

    Lots of love,

    admin says:

    Ms.J, ok lang ako. thanks for hopping over :)

    thank you too, Juliet and Golden. nice to have you around.

    pipay says:

    congratulations to those kids.

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