bloggerwave: is it scam or not?



Bloggerwave is back! After 2 years, yesterday I surprisingly received an email inviting me to review a product for them for $4. I remember I have written 4 reviews back in 1998 in which the first two were paid and the last two were not until now. And here they come again with a new fresh offer. How am I supposed to believe that this site is a legitimate one this time?

In one of the social media sites that I've joined, I made a thread asking whether Bloggerwave is a scam or not. Some said yes but most of them said they're not sure because like me, they got paid too before. When I googled it up I got almost the same results. A lot of bloggers says its a scam where there are also those who firmly claim that bloggerwave is paying therefore it's legitimate.

Now I'm torn. I can't decide what to believe so I submitted a ticket reminding them of my unpaid reviews back then. If I hear positive feedback soon then perhaps, I'll reconsider doing business with them again. But that's it, only until then!

3 Response to "bloggerwave: is it scam or not?"

  1. Liz says:

    I also got an invite but I haven't done it yet. I'm having second thoughts because the last task I did was not paid too.

    admin says:

    same here!
    thanks Liza!

    hopeful says:

    Same here received an invitation from them but have not done it yet. Thanks for sharing your experience fromthat site.

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