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I been blogging for three years and up until today I still find it hard dealing with distractions and interruptions (loud music, kids running around, ear-splitting voice, power interruption, crawling internet connection and etcetera).

I was off for four days last week when I accompanied my niece to the hospital and somewhere from those days I tried using the internet cafe for a supposed quick update but I just ended up staring on a blank screen after talking to JK as the kids around got so ecstatic with the games they played making all the noise intolerable so I just walked out my way back to the hospital instead. Gee, I should have learned how to deal with distractions by now. Sadly, I'm not. (Sigh!) When will that time be?

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  1. niko says:

    thats the main culprit on why i cant blog at home :D hihih

    anyways, I would like to invite you to join kaye and pehpot's blogversary contest. It would really mean much to me if you mention that you were referred by NIKO (that's me!). Mechanics are as simple as copy and paste. Just follow the steps. Thanks and have a great day!

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