I usually don't like meals that are served in hospitals. Do you? To me they all look the same... tasteless!

But not the tray full of mouthwatering food and dessert (with lower cholesterol I hope) served to us daily at Bishop Regan's Memorial Hospital last week. My sister was in awe to have held the first tray we had (with beef ampalaya or bitter mellon, steamed veggies with butter, crispy chicken pops, rice that's roughly good for two with fresh fruit salad for dessert) and drop jawed she was like "are we sure we are in a hospital?"

"Well we are paying for a suite room accommodation and services so that's probably the reason why" was all I could say.

Our patient don't each much so there's always enough left for both of us. Imagine the savings we have had there.

Not all hospitals offer the same satisfactory service so thumbs up to BRMH for excellently serving us and for providing our needs.

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