thrilled to get started



Update!!! I just had a quick peek of my new Wordpress Dashboard yesterday! I can't wait to hear from my host again for the rest of the details so I can finally import my posts and comments from blogger and get started.

screen shot of my new Wordpress Dashboard

Well, I gotta head on now to keep looking for a friendly Wordpress themes.
Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

3 Response to "thrilled to get started"

  1. Lynn says:

    good for u sis!

    anyway, i've read ur comment at sheng's and yepper, i'm here to tag u. LOL.


    admin says:

    hahaha! i knew it sis, thanks!

    Wow! Welcome to Wordpress, Nance! Before reading this post, I already knww this blog has been switched to WP, hehe!

    I love it because it is more secured. No worries for hackers out there.

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