For more than a good deal of $0.89 [$11.49, reg. price], I got this new domain name from Godaddy.com the other day. I intended to use this domain for my blog Peaceful Mind which will soon be hosted by Moms-Hosting.com on a Wordpress platform. I was hoping to get the same name [peaceful mind] but someone's got it before me already. Right now I am still contemplating whether to give my blog a new name or not. I want both [blog title & the domain name] to go together although I still have enough time to decide on that. As per my account, the name servers have been modified already and for now I am just waiting for a GO signal from my host.

I'm seriously crossing my fingers tight for this new online adventure. I'm definitely clueless on what's gonna happen next. However, on the brighter side, I know I'm doing this to educate myself and to hopefully reap some worthwhile benefits along the way.

When carried out, this is going to be very my first self-hosted site on the World Wide Web.

3 Response to "iblogtoday.info"

  1. PinayWAHM says:

    Hi Mommy Nancy!

    Howdy? Ay naku...I also started reading materials on how to transfer one of my blogger blogs to a wordpress platform and all I can say is: ANG HIRAP! I may not push through with it...hahaha. Chicken me noh?

    Enjoy the weekend ahead!

    Mommy J

    admin says:

    Mommy J: i feel the same way at first, pero I'm loving the challenge,hahaha!

    hope you have a lovely weekend too :)

    Dez says:

    Congrats Nancy. Nice move there. Don't worry, Mommy Ruby is nice and will assist you with the process. ;)

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