Weather authorities has it, the country was assessed to experience an earlier summer season this year due to the occurrence of a long drought, technically called as El NiƱo Phenomenon but I guess we, here in Southern Mindanao region is of total exception to that weather activity as all we seems to get is a below normal temperature caused by an almost everyday rainfall.

That is something to be glorified about but never the constant event of power outages.

Since February came in there was like 1-3 times power interruption incidents in a week. But it however went down to worst lately as we've got to frustratingly expect it on a daily basis now. A surprisingly two to four hours in a day! What happened to the power companies supplying electricity to the entire region? Sure this isn't a matter of system upgrade. Or is it proper to assume that this is our fair share of the widespread effects of the said phenomenon... an apparent shortage of power supply.

When do I have to count the damages it caused to our household appliances? How long should I suffer with a crawling internet connection? That's for me to find out too then, huh!

Oh well, let me just publish this one now before they could even cut me for today's episode.

1 Response to "brownouts"

  1. Irish says:

    i appreciate the quick add. sorry its late, but i already added you on my site. happy blogging and its nice meeting you.

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