a week spent back in the city



Hi, it's good to be back here finally after having such a tremendous week of job hunting back in the city. I know I've never mentioned it here but to my other blog I did. The result by the way was somehow successful however for some personal reasons I had to turn it down. That made me feel bad of course but then I still want to believe there will be a fair chance for everyone along the way.

Perhaps mine isn't made yet (?) ... or has it long been given to me and just failed to realize it. Am I destined to blog forever?

I admit I am a woman of dreams and wants but with the income I generate from blogging alone, someone has to blow the whistle on for me. (SIGH!)

It's never enough though it's better than nothing.

Anyway, back to the story... I'd like to thank my former office mate, Anne for letting me stay with her while I was in the city. She has quite a big place so she offered me a room to stay with free internet access of course.

there's me (with the small black lappy) and anne on the table

Knowing her and having her as a friend is really one of the wonderful relationships I had with people. I had her as my work superior in just a short span of time but even then until I decided to quit she never fails to communicate. That's how we get to exchange information over about everything... including gossips, LOL!

Well, girls will always be girls so sue us, hahaha!

3 Response to "a week spent back in the city"

  1. Lynn says:

    same here, sis. i am a woman of dreams. hee hee.

    happy Sunday!

    nancy says:

    thanks Lynn :) i owe you ample of visits na..sensya na ha. will make up some time soon, hehe!

    Lea says:

    It's so wonderful to know that at the end of the day when sometimes we find it hard to look for a job, it's the time we find comfort in friendships.

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