thanks johnson's!



Got this body care gift package especially made for women from Johnson's delivered by LBC today! What a pleasant afternoon surprise!

I remember I just came across a blog post about this offer from somewhere, followed some links and filled up an online form all for free and walahhh!!!

click to enlarge image

It comes in a diary sized like elegant package that contains 6 (25ml) bottles of lotion in two separate scents. Oh how I so love the smells of both especially the "melt away stress". Now that means real coincidence, LOL! Thanks Johnson's!

Anyway, the back of the cover says:
Dear (my name)

Here's your limited edition, designer Johnson's Body Care gift package especially made for you and your friends. Time to enjoy beautifully soft skin all day.
Don't forget to share the softness!

Johnson's Body Care
Sure, you can have yours as well. Simply follow this link and wait till it is delivered right through your doorstep like what they just did a while ago. So ladies and mommies, don't delay! Grab it while they still have it.

Good luck!

7 Response to "thanks johnson's!"

  1. Dez says:

    Got mine too two weeks ago. ang nice niya ano?! :)

    Liz says:

    Uyy, ok ito ah. Ma-check nga. Thanks for sharing. :)

    darly says:

    sarap talaga kapag free noh- lurve Johnson's products too :)

    Nisha says:

    Congrats Nancy! all for free, ha? I wonder if it would work for my country.. S0 sorry i had already signed up for paypal wish list through a FB contact :-).. Happy week ahead sis :-)

    nancy says:

    it's okay Nisha...good to know that. thanks for hopping by :)

    Congrats! may Christmas gifts ka na...

    psycha says:

    came to visit you again. Cool gifts..
    I used johnson's baby powder only.

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