the life of an earning blogger



I've been sick for 3 days now but still I can't seem to get myself away from my computer. While sitting here all night these questions suddenly popped into my head...

"What if free hosting sites such as Blogspot or Wordpress offer only a limited service?

"What if after a year or two you will be advised to buy your own custom domain to keep your blog going or stop blogging altogether?"

There will probably be no booming of weblogs/websites all over the blogosphere today seeing not all bloggers are able to keep a paid hosting service provided by leading hosting companies. Even I myself wouldn't have tried it if it wasn't for free... plus the fact that we earn from it is already a big bonus.

However not all earning bloggers are as successful as highly paid publishers who make thousands of dollars each month while the rest are struggling for few dollars even at the risk of getting screwed at times. That I think is the worse part of it no matter how hard we try to provide quality reviews as we can.

If I am only as nervy as the other bloggers I've known, I would have been as popular as they are now too. I knew some who whine like they've never done before but we can't really blame them as nobody wants being ripped off especially when you're counting so much on what you make out of it. Fraudulent individual advertisers often do this but let there be no exemptions because even some legitimate advertising companies does it too sometimes.

Imagine when you have to stay up late just so you can accomplish the assigned task right on time... some even deprive their selves of sleep (that's me) only to find out that their effort would mean nothing in the end. That's how distressing a blogging life can be at times but do these cheaters even bother? I am not a popular blogger and they probably won't even get a chance to read this post but hey.... someone up there is watching!

6 Response to "the life of an earning blogger"

  1. Liz says:

    Oo nga no, pinaghihirapan naman natin ito tapos may mga nanloloko pa. But I believe in Karma. What goes around comes around so babalik at babalik din sa kanila yun.

    Lynn says:

    yes, it can be disappointing too especially if you'll not get paid for your hardwork. duh!

    musta sis?

    well, suffice to say life is unfair. but they will get what they deserve. later!

    darly says:

    my mom has the same sentiments, sh's doing on line jobs din (telecommuting) and for almost 2 months now di pa niya nakukuha earnings niya. to think mas mahaba ang working hours nyo compared sa aming nag-oopisina.

    pero you are right, what comes around goes around. There is justice to this all

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    Anonymous says:

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