in seattle room...



Warning: This post contains some foul words. You may or may not wish to continue reading if you find it offensive.

I actually forgot the name so let me just brand him a "dork", LOL! This is what I think of him at that time whoever he is.

Here we go....

dork: hey are you from Seattle?

my sister: hi... no, why?

dork: coz you are in the fucking Seattle room

("wow! arrogant!" sister turning at me with eyes wide open!)
then I took over....

me: why not, anyone can... is that a problem?

dork: yes especially when there are lots of fuckin' asian sluts hangin around our room

me: opsss! i am Asian

dork: then get the fucking out of here!

me: (drop jawed, brow's up...) how much do you pay in this f***** room?

Silence... no answer. Just all out of fun, I type and type and type and type trying to upset him, LOL! . Just all out to see what his reactions would be with all the swears I fired at him.

Still no answer. He must be pondering. Then after a while there's him again.

dork: do you have cam?

me: Ohhh! what a pleasant surprise! how can you get suddenly interested to see someone who is not from your f***** Seattle? I'm Asian remember?

No answer again, LOL! I must have provoked him real good.

I know... that was so bad of me, huh.
Sometimes these people just think they are the smartest. Well let's see. You punch me, I punch you back. I don't think it's right for one's self respect to be a punching bag.

Lesson learned: Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.

5 Response to "in seattle room..."

  1. Beng Gee says:

    I salute you, girl! Asians should commend you for such fearless character. Those f*****n' discriminating bummers should meet more fighting asians like you!

    darly says:

    naku sistereth, ksgigil naman yung a%$hole na yun- pwede sigurong ipa--block yun sa moderator, foul and discriminating kaya siya kaya.

    thanks for the tippers pala, will try that paypal wishlist thing.

    ciao :)

    aba palaban. ganyan talaga di patatalo mga pinay, small but terrible! just droppin' my EC here.. tikkerrrrr

    nancy says:

    texas sweetie: sana mga small ako pero hindi eh, hahaha! nagkataon lang there's no room for arrogant people in me.

    beng: tama ka sis... i just wonder how he looks like. baka naman madami syang insecurities kaya ganun nalang sya ka discriminating.

    darly: i should have used that term...hahaha.

    Ria says:

    Go girl! Just because we're Asians, doesn't mean we're sluts... The nerve of that jerk... for all you know, he may not even be from Seattle. Just posing to be one... wanna-be! hahahaha

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