Liberty Reserve Account Block Notice

Your account has been blocked due to numerous invalid login attempts. You will be unable to send and receive funds until your account has been activated.
Click here to remove block from your account:

link........ link......... link.........

Failing to unblock your account will result temporary account suspension.

Liberty Reserve Customer Service

Spam like this isn't new to me. But just in case the sender of this mail didn't know how much of a dork he/she is. I am a satisfied Paypal user and have not by any means given my personal account information to any other e-payment service centers apart from them so how on earth would all these be possible? People who do this should have thought of how to make good investments instead!

Anyway, I am just one of those millions of people in the world who are under the state of boredom, I guess. I usually don't give so much regard on nonsense stuffs like this but there seems to be no interesting out from over 40 mails I got first hour in the morning yesterday so the rest of the day was like "oh well".

Then shortly (as scheduled) our power went out!

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