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I once lived a place where a lot of youngsters of both sexes are badly involved into a mob of gangsters. And what can you expect their favorite activities would be? There’s skipping if not cutting their classes, drinking, spending their school allowances on crystalline powders or inhalants such as paint thinners, petrol and gases which are way cheaper, easily available but highly dangerous. During the night, the place is at its best and calm but only without them making commotions and brawling around. The annoying part is that some of the parents are actually aware what their children are into but they chose to be deaf and blind and ignore the complaining neighbors instead.

I don’t know how the people back there are doing now. It’s been 2 years since I left. But this morning one of those kids is in the local news fighting for his life at the hospital after getting several stub wounds from a riot he along with his group have made.

I don’t want to comment further to this incident. I have had enough of their nuisance back then. I just don’t understand what these parents really want for their kids… to be in jail or in hospital’s emergency rooms.

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  1. FaYe says:

    these parents are preparing their children in jail. disciplining the kids is giving them a good future. I always remember what my hubby told me. if you will not discipline your kids, you are preparing them in jail. right?

    nancy says:

    exactly, Faye. Thanks for hopping over.

    maraming batang naliligaw ngayon sa landas . Minsan hindi dahil sa magulang kasi malakas din ang influence ang iba nilang friends. Pag narealized nila pero huli na.

    psycha says:

    hello.. nice post. thanks for sharing

    Lynn says:

    sad story pero it's not something new na diri sa ato no? sometimes malagot ka nila, sometimes maluoy pud ka. but what can we do, they chose to live that way. and the parents can't do anything about it na rin siguro. gipul-an na sigurog tambag. hehe.

    Tetcha says:

    The story makes me more afraid for my son with all the bad influences everywhere. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    cyndi says:

    hey there, nancy! just checking in here. tgif and have a blessed weekend! :)

    nancy says:

    thanks to you all who dropped by :)

    scary, nancy!

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