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Not all of us are trendy people. To some fashion or the latest craze are unrealistic and are not there to last. But whether we like it or not, time evolves and so is our lifestyle. How do you like having an old fashioned television sets in your newly acquired house in one of the city's popular village or subdivision? I know it's a big NO for us modern home makers so what about an LCD, LED or plasma TV? Don't be deceived by these names. I know most of us who hear it believe they're unreasonably priced or that they are expensive. Well, at Amazons they're not. Now, head on to 19 Inch TV - an award winning website to see what I am talking about.

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  1. Eric says:

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    niko says:

    wow.. magkakasundo kau ni husband nancy.. naku eh lcd tv tlga ang gusto at di pedeng hindi 32 inches or bigger ;D omg

    so heto enjoy din nmn ako makinood lol

    thanks for the lovely comments ha. i shall see u na sa girls talk.. check out the theme na :)

    and wishing you a very prosperous and happy 2010!

    Take care always,

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