the trouble of not having a boss



I just plurked it and yea I must admit its guilt that brought me here right now. I never really have gone somewhere nor took a break away from home. It's a holiday and I supposed to have blogged each event that has to do with it (there were lots of them actually) but the problem was, I always ended up shuffling them inside my head and get to write nothing. Bad! Too bad!

I did paid posts of course and that's for sure is constant. But I hate to think how much I have missed. Ghhad, I really need serious time management and discipline for my self. I know I still lack of them. That I guess is the trouble of not having a boss. You just get to do things according to your own pace and time. Tsk...tsk...tsk!!!

Am I getting it right? I need a new year's resolutions?

2 Response to "the trouble of not having a boss"

  1. Lynn says:

    i am sometimes like that too sis, there's a lot of things running in my head but i'm just lazy to put them in writing at times. oh well...

    happy new year!

    JK says:

    Your doing a fine job... You need time to relax as well... Sometimes getting over whelmed makes it hard to piece it all together... Just step back and take a break clear you personal PC (Head) and it will all defrag and come together...

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