In less than 50 hours we will all be saying goodbye to 2009 to make way for another brand new year. So far it was a good year but I am looking forward for a better and more exciting 2010.

I know it's too early to tell but I might be going back to Manila come second quarter next year so as early as now I am already looking for budget hostels where I can stay for like a day or two. The last time I was there I spent a fortune for a just a night and a day of stay in a hotel and realized later that it's never worth it. I should have done better than that and looked on hostel websites instead of hotels. Anyway, this time I will now that I have found out about it through! I tried searching and glad to know they also cater online booking for Manila. I shouldn't be robbed again this time, LOL!

3 Response to "robbed"

  1. happy new year, anyway!

    JK says:

    Well I hope we can make this year all we want and we can make things possible for us... We have traveled a very long way and I believe that out paths are so close to comming together... I can't wait to meet you at the connecting point of our paths... Baby please believe as I do this is our year lets make it happen...

    Lynn says:

    happy new year sis!

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