till Christmas is over



Months ago when I blogged about switching into free premium template for some reasons (read here) but while gazing at it awhile ago, I realized it shows something relevant... well at least for the time being. Notice its header and its over all color theme? Don't you think it somehow matches the present holiday's theme?

Not my kind of Christmas colors though. I am always a big blue and silver fan when it comes to Christmas motifs but so what... red and white still is and it really won't hurt thus, the thought to keep it till after the celebration is over.

I never realized it when I did pick this template before. It didn't even bother me to have settled into another red themed layout which happened to be twice in a row. I simply find it pretty elegant and everything works fine except for some flaws. They aren't that bad but I don't think it helps either. We'll see...

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