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I am a full time Internet user and just like anyone who breath it knows how it feels when your connection starts to slow down till it can't hang on for you no more. As an Internet subscribers, we always do assume for an excellent and not a futile service from our providers.

How many times did I come across with blog authors whining in their posts because of poor internet service? True it is unnerving. I have been through lots Internet service related argument with different agents over the phone for the past years but then nothing really is ever new especially when all they can tell you is nothing but to wait till they can hook you back on. Isn't that irritating?

Couple weeks ago, a relative who work for Globe Company suggested the use of Globe tattoo broadband to back up my connection. Unsure how it really works for desktop computers, he presented me some insights about it... its working abilities and benefits. Then the urge to have one got intensified when I happened to read Janet Toral's post about her own Globe tattoo experience.

There the use of this handy service is further explained. Here let me quote part of what she shared in her post:
As Internet connection quality can vary by location, it is best to configure your settings and make it WCDMA preferred so you can get the best connection as possible. The ones I got are fairly new and is already set to time-based charging. However, if you only do quick e-mail checking, it may be more practical to switch to kb-based charging. To check your default browsing, text STATUS to 1111. To switch to Per-KB browsing, text KB to 1111.

What more can I add to this? You must have seen their unique commercials on TV but have you check out Globe tattoo broadband new skins yet? Well, you should! I just found my preferred skin from their Globe tattoo broadband gallery. I think it is now high time to save up for this new found blogging buddy.

Or should anyone wish to give me something this Christmas, one of these sticks will really make a great present! :D

3 Response to "globe tattoo broadband"

  1. fan says:

    Globe Super Surf promo, SuperDuo and Super Surf

    Sun 1 day unlimited internet for only 50 pesos Internet sim now only 50 pesos with 5 hours free

    niko says:

    i have globe tattoo at home and i cant use it.. there is no signal :(( i wonder whats wrong..

    which remind me i shld bring it to nearest globe center sooon!

    thanks for always dropping by my site girl! have a great week ahead!

    hi nancy! hopped hereto catch up!

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