.... I'm no bitchy.
.... I ran out of smart words to say.
.... I managed not to let anything ruin my day... at least up to this writing. :-p
.... I had cereals for breakfast and jjamppong (Korean chili seafood and vegetable noodle soup) for lunch. It was good!
.... I was able to enjoy super text twist even for a while (i miss this kiddie game!)
.... I sent out via email 4 resume/CVs for possible employment. I so badly need one... before or after the year ends won't matter.
.... I watched the noontime show. (had a good laugh!)
.... I've read 4 chapters of Paula Danziger's "The Divorce Express". It's an old book... one of my collections back in college.
.... I also browsed goal setting related sites and read some helpful articles. It is essential especially when you want to achieve something.
.... Lastly, I put up a tree for mom. Just the tree yet as she still has to purchase ornaments and decors to complete it.
.... Oh, and before I finally go... do winning the lottery too much for a wish?

That''s about it for today...

3 Response to "today..."

  1. Juliet says:

    Hi nancy, ang imo profile pag akong i click not available daw ngano man? sa danipas ang amoa.

    nancy says:

    i just had it fixed, juliet. thanks for checking!

    Liz says:

    Haha, ako rin I'm always wishing to win the lottery.

    Hope you find a job soon sis. Good luck. :)

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