pending landscaping project



Since he get more free time now from his home-based job, my brother thought of landscaping our pathway in line with mom's concrete fence project this month. I showed him landscape design in Scottsdale AZ to give him some ideas on how to do it creatively. But then the weather is off the mood lately that I could wish to have just live somewhere like AZ maybe? I know... wishful thinking but who wouldn't like sunlight where you can possibly do anything under it... landscaping for one.

Anyway, we're starting to experience gloomy mornings and scattered rain showers now here in my part of the country as a tropical depression is expected to make way through Eastern seaboards of Visayas and Mindanao. But despite this advisory, I still want to remain optimistic that whatever storm forecast there is, I wish it would just magically pivot its direction to where nothing and no one will be harmed. We all deserve a life... a simple yet peaceful and not a devastated one.

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