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Now that I'm a certified online shopper, I just can't help not to pay a visit at least once in a while especially the seller's site where I got my new bedding sets. I always love needlecraft that I can even stitch my own bedclothes, bedspreads, blankets, pillow cases and even curtains for less but of course it is still a different experience when you get to see different type of cloths and elegant designs. Too bad I wasn't able to check out the other 2 designs that I so long to have because they went out of stock.

Anyway, what do you think of this for my next catch?

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  1. that looks so cool. I should get me some of those hehe but I have to wait for my new bed first :) Hope you are keeping dry and safe from the typhoon :) xoxo

    CafeGive says:

    Want another shopping tip? Check out www.cafegive.com, where a portion of every purchase goes to support a non-profit of your choice. How sweet is that? Get what you need and make a difference in the world. We'd love a shout out on your blog if possible. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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