been a long day



It's 1am here and I think my eyes are now getting ready to doze. It has been a long day...well, long day from patiently waiting for my internet connection to come back. Long hours of interruption were just so wow! Anyway, what made it overwhelming was because I tried so hard not to whine. Good thing I still have sewing project left and watching movies did great help to calm me down too.

I hope now that its back, it'll stay up still by the time I wake up tomorrow.

2 Response to "been a long day"

  1. Badet says:

    I hope you have a great weekend too, Nancy!

    Lynn says:

    happy weekend sad diha nimo sis. sige pud bitaw brownout diri ay, makapungot labi nag naa na ka nasugdan nga post unya maputol. hehe.

    niwey, nindot bitaw tong dogwood tree ay. pero di to mabuhi diri sa atong murag hurno nga nasod. haha.

    ayo ayo diha sis!

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