what a lovely weekend it was!



The reasons why I 've had a busy yet a lovely weekend.

First hour in the earliest morning she would slowly wake me up and will ask in whispers if she can play. Half awake, half asleep I would say 'yes' like I am being held under a spell, LOL! Of course what can you expect from a mom who would just love to give almost everything possible just to make up with the lost times.

Her favorite site is Y8.com. Here she can play hundreds of fun and amazing flash games for free. She's also fond of watching spooky movie trailers in YouTube.

While waiting for her turn, my youngest Naureen on the other hand will just settle herself playing 3D games using my celphone. She's the silent type and the generous one.

Spending three straight days with them is like forever. Thanks to my cousin's wedding last Friday and to the official national holiday yesterday.

6 Response to "what a lovely weekend it was!"

  1. ev says:

    mura jud ug ikaw ciang...xerox dah!:D


    Dez says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Dez says:

    fave din ng kids ko ang y8.com but they're enjoying now the facebook apps. :)

    Liz says:

    Uy precious moments yan. Buti naman you were able to spend time with them. :)

    Good to know that you get to spend time with your pretty girls! For sure they loved it!

    darly says:

    laki na pala mga girls mo momi nancy.... and pretty din like you.

    btw, yung tanong mo if anyone (meaning Muslims who are fasting)caught you chewing or drinking they have the right to turn you over to the police and then you stay in prison for a few days and pay fine.

    thanks for the tip- ill try kankunis tea

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