feeling like child again :-D



'Tis the season to be jolly!

There's nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child. That's according to Erma Bombeck. But there's no way I cannot be a child again on Christmas because as you can see, it's just the onset of the season but look what I've got here? Another box from a faraway land filled with goodies that any woman who may have them will definitely realize how special she is.

My mom handed me this 15 pounds box yesterday as soon as she came home from work. This is umm, I need to count... well, the _th box I received from the man who sold the world for me (joke!...laughs). Anyway, for those who are frequent here, both readers and visitors they probably know where this came from but to those who don't, I am humbly telling you that this is coming from my dearest JK who obviously live miles and oceans away from me.

The box was super sealed that I had a hard time opening it. But what I feel as I started stuffing each items out was superb! I just can't help myself from feeling sooo special. Little did I know that I am actually ready to make a commercial stall for clothing lines and other signature products, LOL! Of course all the rest of my family has their shares too. That's how generous my man is. The camera runs out of batteries (again) so I get no pictures yet to share. But one thing for sure, I enjoyed all the stuffs and I can't thank JK enough for this another successful attempt of melting my heart the very special way.

3 Response to "feeling like child again :-D"

  1. Lynn says:

    how sweet! choclit lang ako sis. hehe.

    Cecile says:

    your sweety is so sweet, nilalanggam ka na siguro anoh?

    have a great week, Nancy

    nancy says:

    Hello ladies, thanks for coming by. how i wish i could share, lynn :-D

    Ces, di pa naman masyado, hehehe!

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