rack turned into a PC table



Back in my mom's house I only have this ordinary table where I used to place my computer. But it belongs to my mom so I told myself I needed to have a PC table before I could move in to my new place.

I am lucky my sister referred me to an appliance center where my late brother- in- law used to work. Since they don't have an available PC table when we were there, I got an approval from their boss to take home this multi-purpose rack in an installment basis. It doubled the price of an ordinary PC table but notice how useful it is to me. It only not holds my whole computer set but it also serve as a little storage for my other stuffs. I can even take my meal without leaving my computer. To me this was a real catch.

This appliance center I am talking about is not limiting their products to appliances. They also sell designer dining furniture set, living room sets, wooden bed, steel bed frames and a whole lot more. I am just so glad I have found this place and not to mention their kind and accommodating staffs who always made sure you have come to the right place. Well to me it was indeed a right place. I could only think right now what my next project will be.

3 Response to "rack turned into a PC table"

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi sis.. which appliance center is this? would you know if they offer computer sets in installment as well? thanks!

    Looks cool to me! It would sure fit most of my stuff in there. ^_^

    nancy says:

    there's even more bigger than that, mommy rubs... more space for more stuffs :-)

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