onlinememorylane on its 2nd year



Finally renewed my domain here. It's term ended yesterday and I have been contemplating whether to give it another shot or not seeing how it suffered real good without the page rank within the entire year from the time of the domain purchase. In less than half a month I effortlessly gained rank of 3 but losing it all the way especially just when I'm at the peak of enjoying sweet juices from monetizing was like a disaster to me.

I admittedly know less about SEO and so as how Google exactly comes up with their ranking decisions. I barely understand magic formulas, optimization schemes and how they work. Only little did I know that switching from sub-domain (free like blogspot or wordpress) to a custom domain would downgrade one site's traffic and page rank, primarily because it involves a change of URL. But now I know and it has been a year. This is my very first blog and I'm surprised how I was able to keep it running despite the (sometimes) mind blowing struggles. I must have been so deeply drawn that I just can't let go of it... more so now that I can call it "my own".

I definitely could ask nothing more for this blog than to gain my page rank back. Any figure would do just not a big fat zero, please!!!


Anyway, I'm keeping my faith for it... with fingers crossed of course, hehe. Wish I'm not too lazy to help myself with SEO nourishment.

2 Response to "onlinememorylane on its 2nd year"

  1. niko says:

    oi i have been to that situation before.. naku from 3 to 0.. hope this tip helps u kasi my PR is back to 2 after 2 weeks lang

    don't make any paid posts for a while (mga two weeks) but if u cant make a paid post pero make a personal post agad. make it a habit to place personal or non paid post sa latest post mo.. :)

    nancy says:

    thank you niks. i have tried to keep that practice,applied to all my blogs and still nothing happens. sometimes i also wonder baka mababa lang talaga readership ko, hehe!

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