wrapping up July and carrying on...



July I can say was a blend of good and not so good month for me. Not so good because pressure got into me way too much. For some reasons I got too touchy, irritable that a casual conversation usually turned into an argument. Intentionally or unintentionally, the bottom line is, I still get to hurt feelings and that is what I felt so bad about. I knew somehow they understand. I can't thank these important people in my life for showing how they truly care.

On the lighter note, July was as well a happy month for me because somehow some of my life's simple yet so longed dream was finally realized. First thing of course, is the reunion of my family. I got to celebrate a town fiesta again with them after a long time. For those who would care to know this is an important event for us because it is the only time where we (my immediate and extended families) gather together. And I believe a lot of Filipino families also made it a tradition every year.

Also late last month another wish came true and even quicker that I've ever imagined. I never talked about it here but soon I'll be moving in to my new place. Some call it a house but I prefer to just call it a small place. It's a three-roomed composed of a bed, bath and a mini living room place. It is not furnished yet but it is at least now livable. Soon I'll be sharing some photos here. Meanwhile, I just wanted to make the most of my last few days stay here in my mom's house. Our living room is not an ideal place for me to do my online chores and that's where the idea of building my own place came from.

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  1. JK says:

    Hoping for a happier you once in your room...

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