getting over with wrong choices



A long break is over! After almost half a month of breathing and contemplating, I finally made it back. It's not really that things went so bad but sometimes we think out of despair that quitting is a best solution for every frustration we have to go through in life although I have also been reminded over a number of times that not all roads of life are rough and bumpy. Straight and unbent paths are there too to somehow ease off some weight loads.

I make no promises as hundred of things is possible to happen everyday but sure needless to say that to always feel bitter over about everything never does us any good. Life is a choice and so are the different ways to live it. I knew this... I just refused to believe so sometimes. Not an intelligent choice I know... but by coming back here, I'm sure I am making one.


6 Response to "getting over with wrong choices"

  1. Hi Nance...glad ur back...

    nancy says:

    thanks Ann! i'll see you around :-)

    Hope things are doin' great now at your end. Life is indeed filled with bumps and turns, but we must all be able to bounce back and enjoy the life we have!

    Good luck and wishing you happiness!

    nancy says:

    i appreciate that Sheng, thanks a lot!

    Hang on girl. Storms will pass and there will be sunshine in your life once again. Keep the Faith okay?

    JK says:

    Love you baby just never give up, because anything is possible if you, believe, pray, work for, and try... Love you very much... Mahal na Mahal Kita...

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