window grills, paint or AC



As mentioned in one of my posts below, here's a glimpse of my humble, new and barely accomplished project for this year. My three-roomed place!

front view

left side view

Right now, there are still three major things I needed... the grills to keep my window blades in place and safe, paint to brighten the room and AC to keep the place cool. Two sides of the structure were set as firewalls so I only get limited window sets and I can imagine what the temperature would be like without enough ventilation. But considering my budget, I only have to pick one at a time and I have been weighing so painstakingly which among these three should I buy first.

What do you suggest?

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  1. Lynn says:

    wow sis! congratulations on ur new place. invited niya ko sa cutting of ribbon ha? LOL.

    anyway, i suggest u go for the grills, sis. safety first before anything else, right? besides, basi makawat pud na imo jalousie. u know na mga peeps. hehe.

    if the place is safe enough, go buy an aircon. if the aircon is for a small bedroom, you can just opt for a 1/2 HP or 3/4 HP acu. this would cost you anywhere between 7,500 -9,000 php - depends on the brand. have the grills estimated so you could save up. the paint can come much later. since the concrete finishing is new and it's the rainy season, you could wait until december for a better long-lasting paint job finish.

    consult fee: free :)

    PinayWAHM says:

    Congratulations! That's indeed a great accomplishment. That was one of my planned 'big projects' back when I was still unmarried....but I got married [quite on a whim I might say] so I didn't get the chance to realize that dream.

    I would have to agree with Lena here. Of course safety always comes first BUT if you feel the place/area you have is safe enough...then, convenience would be my next choice. ANG "HINIT" naman kasi sa atin eh....

    Congrats again....

    Mommy J

    JK says:

    Sounds like you have a choice to make... Hope you make the right choice to better yourself...

    Wow girl! It's good that you are able to get some projects up and running. As for me, I am praying for the day to start one. Most of my income pa as of the moment goes to our dailies. So no extras muna.

    As for what to buy, they already said it. Kung safe naman ang place, go for the aircon pero if not, go for the grills. ^_^

    Anonymous says:

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