begging for some rain



While some parts of the country is having and have been worrying for the rainy days, we at the other end particularly me and my neighborhood are certainly not enjoying the so steamy weather we've been having for weeks now.

I usually don't complain. I love both but only in moderation I hope. This time, it's extremely humid that I needed to jump into the shower few times in a day to freshen up. This is driving me nuts. I'm even starting to get sick now inhaling the so dusty air that comes in through our windows.

Please, I'm begging for some rain to pour down the ground even just for a night.

3 Response to "begging for some rain"

  1. Lynn says:

    lagi sis, super alimuot oi. sa kainit sa panahon, pati ulo sa mga tao gainit na pud. hahaha!

    get well soon sis.

    eha says:

    It's so hot, too, in indonesia. Begging for rain? I guess it's hotter there nowadays :)

    nancy says:

    eha: it's been 3 weeks

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