light a candle for corazon aquino



1. Bits & Pieces - Thank you Lord for giving President Aquino
the gift of life. It was a well-lived life as she
touched nations all over the world.
It must have been difficult for her
especially the last months of her life.
But everything is well now as she joins you.
May her family find comfort knowing that
she is now safe in your kingdom.

2. Through The Rain - Thank you Lord for the privilege of having her as our
First Woman President. May her family find comfort in
your loving hands. And may our nation finds her as
an encouragement to keep on fighting for our
freedom and democracy.

3. Just the way it is... - Dear God, in your loving hands accept and embrace her soul. Grant her eternal peace and solace for her family as they continue to foster freedom, humility and unity among people all through out our nation.


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