request granted in an instant!



Got a package full of Carcar's best Pork Chicharon fresh from Moalboal, Cebu yesterday. It was already late in the afternoon when the delivery man handed the pack to me so I no longer got the chance to blog about it right away because as soon as my mom came in from work we immediately headed to my sister's to share some with them.

We lived off the city so whenever I'm chanced, I never miss to bring home some packs of this so crispylicious chicharon.

My sister, Thea and the sender, Bebe are two good friends back in Cebu and that is how I came to know her. We do have lots of fun and good memories together during my close to a year stay there and even after I left she never stopped to communicate. She has her own personal computer and normally she pops up after she's off from work to say hi and ask how I have been and my nieces who also became close to her heart. Just so very timely when out of nowhere I craved for this Chicharon when she popped up into my screen one night. I told her I'm missing it's taste and without so much words said she asked my complete mailing address and walahhh!!! Request granted in no time.

Thank you so much, Biang for taking care of my cravings... hahaha! till next time :-D

Bebe and I in one of the resorts near the Diveshop and restaurant where she and my sister used to work together.

4 Response to "request granted in an instant!"

  1. FaYe says:

    i miss the chicharon from carcar. i usually buy it when i visit my parents in barili. we pass by carcar.
    i miss it.

    nancy says:

    wish i could hand you some, Faye... kaya lang ubos na, hahah!

    thanks for visiting, anyway.

    Liz says:

    Uy sarap! Pampabata yan, hahaha.

    Btw, I've posted the award at A Simple Life. Thanks ulit!

    Rocks says:

    I'm gonna try that chicharon soon!! jan din ba yung may masarap na litson? Excited na ko to visit Cebu!!

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