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Obviously what you're seeing below is another blog award and I gotta post it as promised before I ran out of time. It's from my chic blogging buddy Ann of Sassy Chick World. This is actually a call for a celebration because it's her main blog's first year (cheers!) which is why she's giving away this 100% Sassy Blogger award to whom she thinks are deserving and it's so nice to know I am one of the recipient of such a wonderfully made badge.

The word "sassy" describes the author herself... Click the image to find out how such a sweet name has came to life.

Of course I'm not just gonna keep this to myself. I have lots in my list whom I think are sassy bloggers too and they are in no particular order:

Liza, Lynn, Badet, Lis, Lainy, Sheng, Ria, Amy, G-Anne, Niko, Yena and Shy. Go Sassy ladies!

6 Response to "i'm sassy"

  1. Thanks for posting Nance...and for spreading it around...

    Ur awarded because I really do think you are one Sassy Girl too...

    Keep in touch and TC always!

    niko says:

    oi salamat girl!! will post this on my new blog ha!! :) bagay na bagay kasi sassy :) heheehh mwah

    check mo dito later


    WOW! I love this, Sis! Thank you ever so much for thinking of me and thanks also for dropping off a comment at my post.

    Will let you know once this one is up and running at my blog.


    Thank you so much for the award! Feel proud to made the list!

    Lynn says:

    sistah! salamat ani! busy bisihan pa ako life ron, u know na. haha! will grab this soon ha. mwahugs!

    nancy says:

    Lynn: no problem sis! take your time :)

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