new found hope



My domain name here is set to expire very soon and I have been pondering whether to renew my registration or not due to financial constraint. I must admit, this year's a tough one. Paid opportunities are getting elusive that at some point I just so wanted to drop blogging all the way. But fate is still kind. He brought me a piece of hope through this new found blog advertising affiliate that everyone has been buzzing about lately. And since I already have heard positive feedback from different users then I guess it won't hurt to try them myself as well.

2 Response to "new found hope"

  1. JK says:

    Well half the battle is simply not giving up...

    Lynn says:

    hi sis! musta na?

    dili lagi ko ka add blog sa ila ay. na verify naman nako ako registration. basi nasayud ka why sis. (",)


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