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Part of being a Christian is to observe religious rituals like the house blessing when the place where you intend to live is new. To pray for the solemnity of living for the occupants by inviting the Spirit of God to come and let everything else to leave is the goal of this practice.

A day after I moved in to my new place, I requested for an immediate house blessing. I can't thank my mom enough for taking care of that aspect for me. The ritual was integrated into the prayer meeting that she hosted in her house last night. There were about 30 people who have witnessed while the officiating minister walks through and blessed each room by sprinkling the holy water. After the rites, we all shared a simple but yummy dinner I had prepared for everyone.

3 Response to "house blessing"

  1. Rocks says:

    we're also having the house warming party on sunday!! sarap ng may sariling place no?

    nancy says:

    ay naku sis, super!

    PinayWAHM says:

    Congrats again, Nancy. Ang saya saya knowing you are living in a place you can call "yours".

    Enjoy your new home!

    Mommy J

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