happy birthday, dear! what's the magic number again? (LOL!)



"Hi baby, I'm home! "
"Sitting here waiting and thinking of you"
"I miss you"
"You sleep well"
"Hugs and kisses"

These and many more heart-warming offline messages are what usually greats me each morning I rose from bed to turn my computer on. Coming from a man's so passionate heart that's deeply care for her girl. I'm talking about no less than my dearest JK.

Today, it's my turn to compensate not by sending offline thoughts but by making a space here in my blog to let him know that he's so much loved and that every little effort of sending me short notices every now and then is very much appreciated.

And here's more for you, sweetheart on your very special day...

Ssshhh! there's going to be a surprise birthday party that is waiting for him when he gets home from work today so I better get my alarm set now. I don't wanna miss the fun!

10 Response to "happy birthday, dear! what's the magic number again? (LOL!)"

  1. JK says:

    Thank you so much Love... Mahal na Mahal Kita... You are such a sweet heart... I will never give up till we are in one place... Evey stumbling block in our way only make me even more determind... You are the most special woman I know thank you for just being you...

    nancy says:

    It's ok baby... we will get over all these someday. I believe in us!

    Awww! That is sooo sweet! Yeah, I do wish the 2 of you can be physically together soon!

    Hitesh says:

    whose Bday is it???????

    woo hoo ..... \,,,/

    Lynn says:

    grabeeee...gihulmigas sa katam-is diri. hee hee.

    happy bday JK and i wish you two will be together soon. stay happy and so much in love! (",)

    Badet says:

    that's so sweet!

    Liz says:

    Ang sweet! Happy birthday JK! :p

    Happy birthday to your man, Sis! I haven't been to his blog in ages. Let me head over there to wish him a happy birthday.

    You will be together very soon. Keep your trust in your Love and in HIM!

    Lisa says:

    Hi Nancy, b-day diay sa imong palalab!!! Happy B-day to him Nance, wish both of you be together soon!!!!

    nancy says:

    to all the ladies here, thank you so much for hopping in and for wishing us success. God bless you all!

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