blogging from my brand new home



You've read it right. Before, I prefer to just call it a place but now that I already moved in and have spent my very first night in my brand new bed, it just made me feel something different. I feel more calm and at peace. Yes, peace. One thing that I so much long for over a period of time and I think somehow, it’s being granted to me now. And I believe this place brought me such thing so from now on, I'm calling it my new home and nothing or no one can stop me from blogging about it, hahaha!

July 28 when the finishing touches were done but it was only yesterday when my big but younger brother gave in to my request of moving my Internet cable out so I can finally occupy the place. It wasn't really a difficult job but I still consumed the whole day stuffing my not so many personal things in, LOL!. And that I guess what sent me to bed way too early last night no matter how I tried to stay on and hoping do some updates. But that serves it right. I have had such a lovely bedtime last night. I’m looking forward for a lovelier one tonight.

6 Response to "blogging from my brand new home"

  1. Michelle says:

    wow, congrats! wish i can say that line too someday. hehe

    JK says:

    Hi hope you have obtained some of your important dreams in life... Hpe you get the rest of the dreams fullfilled someday as well...

    nancy says:

    Michelle: why not? all in time i guess :D

    thanks for dropping by, Chelle :-)

    JK: i am happy with what I have now.i'm letting the rest to take their places someday, if they're all meant for me.

    Lynn says:

    wow! ka nice ana sistah! wa lagi ko nimo invite sa cutting of ribbon? hahaha!

    congrats ha! dream pud baya nako makabalay mig amo ni yogi oi. puhon. (",)

    congratulations!! someday am hoping i'd be able to get my own place too.

    nancy says:

    Thank you so much for all your wishes. God bless you all!

    Lynn: kung na silingan pa lang ta. Cge lang kay basin hapit na sad diay ng imo, who knows? some surprises are just around the corner ^_^

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