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Looking back, my very first attempt of blogging was published in this page. In less than two months, Google initially granted me a page rank of 3 which of course was not the primary thing that matters to me back then. Not until I learned and started monetizing my blog. Obviously, the higher page rank you get, the greater are the online opportunities that will knock on your door. I have been into this phase too of blogging where I have enjoyed the fruit of my labor (not to mention the sleepless nights) and my Paypal's withdrawal transaction records is my sole proof.

My desire to learn more and to have much deeper understanding about blogging never comes to an end. I explore, read and even solicit opinions from fellow bloggers. To be quite upfront, I bought this blog its own domain on September 8 last year believing that having one would give me an edge over blogspot and other free-hosted blogs when it comes to monetization. From to I don't want to think I was wrong when I did. But I must also admit how my chances suffered because I failed to realize its disadvantages...

Negative thoughts sets into me. Knowing myself, I easily get disoriented although motivations are always around to keep me going. Without any rank for almost a year now, my blog stood still and I still managed to earn somehow. Not as much as I did before but to me it is still a blessing that I should be grateful about.

Yesterday, I received an email from Google Apps reminding me that my domain registration here needs to be renewed soon. Hopefully, I still have enough by then.

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  1. Ako din naman...I don't have any Page Rank pero so far, God has been gracious to me. Just hold on. Keep your domain and renew it. But I suggest transfer mo sya sa para you will have full control over it. Besides much cheaper ang renewal. ^_^

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