my brother's 'firsts'



Last night, I was supposed to blog about my younger brother's first visit to Manila. I started to write after he left the house but something must be seriously wrong with our power services. We went over a night without power for more than 2 hours. Shortly after it came back, I turned my PC on to get my postings done only to find out that my Internet connection also died along. So like the usual, I have waited. Though it came back but it can hardly open a page. To calm myself down, I opened a folder of songs and listened to them while I waited for my connection to stabilized but still to no avail. Waahhh! See how life can be so disappointing sometimes.

Anyway, all I just wanted was to wish my brother a safe trip. Last night he flew to Manila to meet his friend there. Both the place and the experience of riding a plane were his firsts so I was a bit anxious for him although I know my brother is a smart one, he's 29, LOL!. But even so, I still did back him up all the way through by sending him text messages telling him this and that and what to do while inside the airport. Around midnight and I was already asleep when he informed me that they already landed in Manila. I'm glad he made it safe...
I hope this vacation grant is going to be a fantastic one for him.

Sure it's going to be!
Oh, and I'm looking forward for my 'pasalubong'. I wonder what could that be!

2 Response to "my brother's 'firsts'"

  1. ryliej says:

    don't forget to share the paslubong lol!

    nancy says:

    sure. we'll see! :D

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