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I didn't realize that it's already the 3rd Sunday of the month till I opened my Plurk account and read one common plurk for the day "Happy Fathers Day to all Dads!" Whew! That's how disconcerted my mind is lately. Anyway, I still don't want to miss this opportunity to send out my greetings...

To may late Papa whom I miss so much, to my late brother-in-law, Jimmy... somehow I have wished you didn't have to leave your little girls that soon, to the father of my kids...thanks for taking care of them, to my uncles and to the most important ‘dad’ of my life, JK for undoubtedly holding on to us through good and bad times. Thank you and Happy Father's Day to you all!

And of course, I'm sending out my greetings too to all fathers and soon to be dad around the world...

3 Response to "happy dad's day"

  1. darly says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby,

    God bless your family, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    JK says:

    Thank you doll for the warm wishes... My daughter called and and wished me a hapy fathers day... JD never even said Happy Fathers day he just want things... Its ok tho... Thank you it is very nice of you to place me in your thoughts and posts... Thank you so much...

    nancy says:

    thanks Darly!

    JK: coz it's how you truly are to me...you are special. i love you so much even if it doesn't show sometimes.

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