constantly in distress



Less motivated but I am still able to carry on with life. Knowing how I failed to face and accept realities made me constantly shake up and feel so bad lately. God knows how I tried and keep on trying not to let my disappointments get in my way but it’s simply not just how I am. I get totally disoriented whenever something stirs me emotionally. It leaves me do nothing but to sit and stare at the screen all day. How I hate the thought of just closing the day with a frown.

I hope you guys have much more better days than I do.

9 Response to "constantly in distress"

  1. Lynn says:

    cheer up sis! i'm sometimes like that too. but as they say, such is life. (",)

    anyway, where did u get this new template sis. akong site na hacked and i thought of looking for a new template online na lang. unsa ni code ra or gi download nimo. di raba ko kabalo download da. LOL.

    nancy says:

    thank you,Lynn. i'd be better soon.

    That's sad. Hope you are feeling better by now. I guess you do get to be in that mood sometimes. Just pray for guidance and enlightenment.

    Smile, many cares for you!

    nancy says:

    wish i know who and where they are, Sheng. But it's ok. all will be well, i know. thanks a lot!

    Lainy says:

    Hi Nance!

    We do sometimes have our dark moments. But its God's way of making us stronger and better persons.

    Cheer up! God knows. God sees. He won't leave you...Keep praying!


    darly says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Just cast all your cares upon Him and lay down all of your burdens down at His feet.

    I'll be praying for you Nans!!

    God bless you always.

    Girl, there is a reason for everything. Just learn to be patient, i know you are but, dagdagan mo pa ha. In God's time, there will be rainbows okay? Cheer up!

    nancy says:

    lainy: sis why can't i access your blogs? banned ba ako? (joke!)

    darly: your prayers would mean a lot. thank you very much

    Amy: i am looking forward to that. thank you din.

    Cecile says:

    i hope you are feeling better now, Nancy...

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