Mood: Disturbed
It's 11:03 p.m. Just sitting here unloading her random thoughts.

I know it's late and I should be in bed but something's keeping me awake.

A guilt feeling? Perhaps!

I miss my dad. If he were here, I don't know what his reactions would be for everything that happens but I'm sure he would understand. We don't talk that much when he was still around but I know what's in his heart. I know when he agrees or not. I know he's watching over us, his family.

God, I need some enlightenment! You know how I truly feel...

2 Response to "distraught"

  1. Anonymous says:
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    buy smallville dvd the complete version of seasons 1-8. u will love it.. sige naaaa.... tapos tsika dayun taa... nainlove man gud ko kang lex luther. can't get him out my mind. waaa

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