wish i was...



a nurse, that is...

Although I hold no regrets to have completed my full college course some years ago, achieving what you wish to have become by heart for a profession is still a different fulfillment and is beyond compare. So every time I've gone to a hospital or any health institutions and come across or walk past with these people in white I just can't help but stare at them and say "I could have been one of them".

I know from within, I would love the profession and everything that has to do with it. I even do search websites and read some interesting articles about nurses and the nursing profession. And lately, I found out about this cool web magazine called SCRUBS - a nurse's guide to good living. This magazine features essential, delightful tips for nurses to stay healthy and young looking despite the stress a back-to-back, extra long shift may have cause them. I'm sure we all want to know why we shouldn’t let our make up sleeps with us during our bed time. What are those pampering ideas for nurses? Oh and don't forget that makeup tips that hold up. Scrubs have all these interesting topics every nurse's would like to know.

Anyway, back to me. Well, I know not all things happen the way we always wanted them to be. But it's never too late to dream nor too early to tell. I opt not to close my door for possible opportunities that may comes my way especially if it's something I'd love to do.


2 Response to "wish i was..."

  1. darly says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I have been MIA for a while so i dunno if you still remember me.

    anyways, i can totally relate to your post.. Although i took up in college the profession i like, i was not able to practice it for a long time. You see its a noble profession, but it won't get you anywhere (i mean financially), so i had to give it up for greener pasture ika nga.

    Have a great weekend!

    nancy says:

    of course i do... i am so glad to hear from you again, sis. thought u already left blogging for good.

    will be in your blog in a short while :-)

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